Production Enhancement Services

Our Production Enhancement Services are tailored to our customers needs and focus on maximizing production uplift. With highly skilled technicians & utilizing the GasJack™, Compressco can supply many different production strategies to extend the producing life of a well and maximize returns for the customer. The GasJack™ is designed to be very flexible and portable making it ideal for testing wells.

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Profit Enhancement with the GasJack™ Compressor
The GasJack™ is a compact, yet powerful wellhead compressor and the most cost-effective tool available for increasing production and profitability of marginal gas wells. Skid or trailer mounted, the GasJack™ Compressor allows us to move from wellhead to wellhead, with little or no site preparation required. Flexible hose connections make installation a breeze and increased production often begins in less than two hours after arrival. Our Production Specialists can test candidate wells or move from one marginal well to the next, extending the economic life of all marginal properties.

Service & Support
Compressco has created a network of service centers around the globe and provides each service area with a an experienced and highly qualified Regional Service Manager. A Senior Gas Production Specialist (SGPS) reports to his Service Manager and is responsible for all service and preventative maintenance in his respective zone. Field Service Technicians and Preventative Maintenance Service Technicians support this activity and report directly to the SGPS.

Working closely with the Regional Service Managers and Sales Team, a new level of customer service personnel has been created. These “Optimizers” have completed an intense training program designed to help focus on production profiles, changing well conditions, and new applications for developing strategies to optimize and enhance your production.