International Operations

Compressco continues to expand its global presence with offices already established on every continent. You will find significant International operations in Canada, and Mexico, and you will find a growing presence in certain countries in South America, as well as Eastern Europe, and the Asian-Pacific region. There are already approximately 5,000 Gas Jack™ compressors operating in 12 countries around the world.

Compressco can manufacture units to meet the stringent CE Certification requirements of the EU, or design units to operate within the demands of a Class I, Division 2 area. If your specific region does not require you to operate under these regulations, a more economical, yet intrinsically safe unit can be provided.

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Compressco’s strength internationally is due to our commitment to provide on-going service and training to our International Representatives and Customers. Our International Service Department understands the importance of making regularly scheduled trips to various countries to help update, train, trouble-shoot, and recommend ways to optimize the GasJack™ to allow producers to increase revenues through improved production rates as well as extend the life of the wells (potentially adding reserves).

Well applications that are ideal for the Gas Jack™ compressor include: (1) Marginal Gas Wells, which are often challenged with produced liquids building up in the tubing and casing (liquid loading). (2) Pumping Oil Wells, where the GasJack™ can be used to enhance the production by reducing the annulus pressure. By reducing annulus pressure we subsequently reduce bottom hole flowing pressure allowing more reservoir products (oil, condensate, water, gas, etc…) to flow into the well bore. (3) Vapor/Flare Recovery Applications, where the GasJack™ can also be used to gather low pressure gas that is otherwise being flared, and compress it to the required pressure to re-inject back into process lines.

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