VJack™ in ManufacturingCompressco Manufacturing Operations has a goal of supporting our service organization by producing the best designed and best built gas compressor in the industry. Our method of accomplishing this goal is through using the tools of lean manufacturing. Over the last few years, Compressco has embarked on a lean journey. This journey included both the redesigning of the GasJack™ unit and the revamping of the manufacturing process. Our 27,000 sq feet manufacturing facility houses our engineering department, our procurement and warehouse department, our transportation department and our manufacturing group. At this location we refurbish current fleet units and assemble new units.

GasJack™ in Manufacturing Facility
In 2010, we introduced our new generation GasJack™ unit. This lean engineered, redesigned unit improved serviceability and eased the manufacturing process. The new unit’s upgrades include: modular components, plug and play wiring, vibration resistant skid, and flanged and welded piping. In addition, this unit is equipped with our newly redesigned engine that has reduced vibration and improved emissions.
The manufacturing process has also gone through a complete facelift. We have gone from a one unit at- a- time bay build to an assembly line process. Parts are delivered first in, first out through a Kanban system. Our station tasks are conducted using standard work procedures. These procedures insure that we build a good quality unit, safely, every time.

Combining the new generation GasJack™ with our new manufacturing process has put Compressco far in front of all of our competitors and provides our service group with a product that our customers cannot afford to go without.