Health, Safety & Environmental

Safety and Health Protection

The GasJack™ Compressor is not only a leader in production enhancement; it is also one which is very easy to perform preventative maintenance and regular work duties. Some compressor packages require significant downtime for repair. Not the GasJack™. The GasJack™ can be locked, and tagged out according to federal OSHA requirements in a matter of minutes, saving time and money. With the heaviest piece of machinery on the GasJack™ being the Power Side Cylinder Head at 70 pounds, Service Representatives do not need special tools to perform their regular service duties, minimizing downtime. With special features such as a blowcase, ease of lockout/tagout, enclosed electrical system and no moving external parts, the GasJack™ with over 10 million run time hours in 2004, outperforms the competition.

Field Service Personnel

Compressco employs Field Service Personnel in the United States and western Canada. These Field Service Personnel are trained annually in more than 30 safety topics ranging from: Accident Prevention, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Emergency Response, Hazard Recognition, Heat Stress, Hydrogen Sulfide, Lockout/Tagout, CPR/First Aid, Personal Protective Equipment, Smith System Driver Improvement and Spill Control and Releases. Compressco continues to lower their TRIR (Total Recordable Incidence Rate) every year, and continues to work safer with introductions such as: A Safety Awards Program, and ever increasing amount of safety training, and the company safety motto: “To be the best, we must be the safest.”