GasJack™ Compressors

GasJack CalloutsIn today’s competitive arena, GasJack™ compressors have enabled operators and owners to dramatically increase production, thereby extending the economic life and recoverable reserves of their properties. As the manufacturers of the GasJack™ compressor, Compressco provides service and support to the Petroleum and Natural Gas industries.

Whether your needs are increasing reserve recovery on older, marginal gas wells producing from permeable formations, increasing fluid production, or used as the first stage compression on gathering systems, the GasJack offers a profitable solution to a variety of applications.

Wide range of ratios (up to 18:1)

Suction conditions from 25” Hg to 50 PSIG

Discharge pressures to 450 PSIG

Blowcase can handle 50 BPD of fluid in standard trim, allowing liquid separation without additional wellhead equipment

Oversized after cooler insures discharge temperatures to pipeline specifications

Proactive optimization through efficient loading to utilize horsepower for compression at maximum gas volumes

Auto Start units available for intermittent and plunger lift applications



V-8 design, G3500 high-strength iron block, patented compressor head.


Cast steel counterweighted and dynamically balanced with five main bearings.


Hypereutectic aluminum alloy, balanced and fitted with four special rings which inhibit slippage or blow by of fluids and gas into crankcase.

Compressor Valves:

Plate type concentric valve in which both suction and discharge functions are incorporated into one valve system.

Gas After Cooler:

Air cooled, three row A.S.M.E. coded gas cooler with direct drive nonmetallic fan. Steel header with access plugs for ease of cleaning.


Domestic Unit – 4,750lbs.

Cold Weather Unit – 12,000lbs.

Skid Dimensions:

Domestic Unit – 4 feet wide by 12 feet long with environmental rail and 1” drain connections. Cold Weather Unit – 8.5 feet wide by 15.5 feet long with environmental rail and 1” drain connections.

Operation Ancillary Equipment:

All vessels, including the gas after cooler, are protected by pressure relief valves. Appropriate connections are provided for use of test gauges. Manual bypass valving is included for ease of starting and for compressor blowdown.

Design Specifications

GasJack™ Compressor FI Unit:

Bore and stroke: 4.360 in. x 3.850 in.

Minimum and Maximum RPM: 1100 and 2000 RPM

Maximum allowable discharge pressure: 100 PSIG

Maximum allowable suction pressure: 25 PSIG

Piston displacement (compressor): 215 cubic inch

GasJack™ Compressor MP Unit:

Bore and stroke: 4.360 in. x 3.750 in.

Maximum allowable discharge pressure: 450 PSIG*

Maximum allowable suction pressure: 50 PSIG*

Piston displacement (compressor): 170 cubic inch

Optional Accessories

  • Shielded electronic ignition
  • Cold Weather protection package
  • Trailer mounted portable units
  • Auto Start package
  • Remote monitoring options
  • Hospital muffler and noise reducing fan
  • Can supply complete fluids service as part of maintenance package

The control system is in a weatherproof enclosure, containing suction and discharge gauges, hour meter, tachometer, starting lock out timer, stop/run toggle and eleven annuciators to indicate the following:
  • High/low suction pressure
  • High/low discharge pressure
  • High discharge temperature
  • High scrubber liquid level
  • Engine manifold vacuum
  • Engine vibration
  • Engine oil pressure
  • Engine low lube level
  • Engine low oil viscosity
  • Engine water temperature
  • Engine over speed
  • ePumper™ Telemetry System
Standard Equipment

  • A.S.M.E. Coded Pressure Vessels
  • Blowcase scrubber for efficient fluid handling even into vacuum
  • Impco natural gas carburetor
  • Domestic units have an oversized dry type air cleaner
  • Cold Weather units have an approved flame arrestor air filter, catadyne heater and hospital muffler standard
  • Exhaust muffler with guard
  • Automatic oil level control with 15 gallon day tank
  • Control, safety and sensor control panel
  • Environmentally friendly skid package.